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We match our best tech specialists with your toughest technology problems to produce elegant and efficient solutions working alongside you as your long-term partners

Financial Technology


We know that regulatory compliance has long been a major obstacle to developing innovative fintech products. We can still help you make your AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your customer) processes more efficient while working with you on tapping into exciting opportunities to evolve your products.

Our proprietary regulatory software framework enables agile integration of the leading edge AI, analytics, and security building blocks into solutions specifically tailored according to our customer’s needs. Customers and clients are always in search of easy-to-use interfaces, and they have a high set of expectations concerning the functionality and the design of fintech digital products. 

The Power of IoT

AKSIOM offers exceptional IoT software engineering solutions, combining the performance with the best data security features. We don’t accept compromises when it comes to data privacy and general security, as we understand that those are the biggest challenges that the IoT companies are facing. Our team will cooperate with you to find the best development route to fulfill all your technical requests, and we promise to exceed your expectations!

IoT technology consists of web-connected smart devices that obtain, analyze, and process the data collected from their surroundings using embedded systems including sensors, processors, and communication hardware. According to IoT Analytics, overall enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) spending grew 22.4% in 2021 to $158 billion. Companies across industries are increasingly shifting to IoT technology to enhance organizational performance and decision-making, to better understand consumers, and to boost the value of their businesses.

Healthcare and Pharma


Our services include securing the regulation compliance, increasing the optimization of the supplier relation software, and updating the record-keeping systems. Our goal is to cultivate patient-centric communication, by taking away the complex medical bureaucracy and allowing healthcare and pharma professionals to do what they know the best: improve people’s quality of life.

Aksiom knows the tough challenges faced every day by healthcare and pharma professionals, and we take great pride in being part of this ever-changing industry that impacts the future of humanity. There is no other industry where the ability to efficiently deal with mountains of data is more important. 

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Logistics - ‍Rising Star Industry

The rise of e-commerce and the rapid growth of the online ordering space catalyzed logistics as one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. As companies around the world continue to wrestle with supply chain disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of intelligent transport technology is crucial to keep up with growing market demands. QCerris can help you use your data in an optimal way and develop an innovative software solution, providing an unparalleled technological and efficiency advancement in your business. 

Aksiom acquired valuable experiences in the sector, demonstrating the team’s knowledge and competency to reduce the companies’ costs and speed up the logistics processes. We’ve helped carriers, 3PLs, warehouse operators as well as logistics departments of major enterprises make sense of advanced technologies such as IoT.